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Average female weight full grown at our kennel 65-75 lbs - lean
Average male weight full grown at our kennel 85-100 lbs - lean 
See Testimonials and Previously Sold Puppies

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Boys & Girls Available in July and Fall planned litters. Announced below.

If you think Hip/Elbow dysplasia is the only thing to test for in dogs, your wrong. Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) just as prevalent with worse outcome. We test our parent dogs to make sure this does not happen!

What is DM and why is it so important to test for? Out of 7,761 German Shepherds tested Aprox 31.4% carry(can pass it down if bred to another carrier). 14.7 tested are at risk. How does a dog become "at risk" A/A, by two parent dogs carrying the copied gene of DM. Just watch this video and see what you are taking a risk of dealing with if you purchase a puppy from a breeder who does not test for DM. At about 6-7 years of age the dog will become lame in the rear, often mistaken for bad hips at first. Then in a matter of months the dog will be resorted to this and shortly then euthanasia is the humane thing to do. There is no cure! In 2008 they found the gene to detect this. No excuse for any breeder, to not have this done. Statistics of % of DM on German Shepherd Dogs is also found on OFA site. Many breeds are affected by this, not just GSD's. It is across the board males and females show and working. If you are a previous owner who has already dealt with this horrible genetic disease, I don't advise watching this video. This video is very graphic and sad and is geared for those who don't realize the seriousness of this condition that can easily be prevented by testing the parent dogs. There are arguments that there are other types of debilitating mobile diseases in large breed dogs that can cause lameness, yes, but why not rule this genetic one out?

Abby and Hank
Both males and females $1,250

1 Long Coat Girl & 1 Short Coat Girl & 1 Long Coat Boy Available
Call 308-345-2969 or Email for details
Birth Day May 19, 2018. 8 weeks old and take home puppy July 14, 2018 weekend

Sire: Ugo
Dam: Jada
65 lbs, blk/tan, 1/4 German Working & 3/4 West German Show Lines, AKC OFA Good Hips/Elbows Good, DM N/N Clear

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All a clean bill of health at the vet!

2. Red Boy Long Coat AVAILABLE


1.Teal Girl Long Coat AVAILABLE
2. Purple Girl Short Coat AVAILABLE

Boy Available


Tap the 7 week photo to enlarge

Sire: Tribute
Dam: Jennifer
85 lbs, blk/tan, 1/2 German Show & 1/2 DDR East German Lines, AKC OFA Hips/Elbows DM A/N DDC

What is DDR DDR East German Working lines

Please go to testimonials. Lots of photos to see previous puppies.

We expect these puppies to be medium drive. Should not be mouthy. Traditional markings. Evaluation at 6-7 weeks will narrow down color and temperament. Details of temperament will take place at 7 weeks old, at the time when selection takes place.

Girls Available below

Purple Girl Standard Short Coat AVAILABLE

Teal Girl is Long Coat AVAILABLE

Understand The Risk of Vaccinosis Video <--BEFORE vaccinating

This is the minimal puppy shots schedule we recommended to help avoid vaccinosis yet still protect your puppy.

Disney and Hank
Both males and females $1,250

1 Male & 2 Females Available
Call 308-345-2969 or Email for details
3 males and 2 females June 3rd. Take home puppy July 29th

70 lbs, blk/red, 3/4 German Show & 1/4 Working Lines, AKC OFA Good Hips/Elbows Good DM N/N

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Choice selection is based on when deposit is received.

1. Morahan
2. Luty


Blue Boy above

Green Boy above

Red Boy above


Sire: Tribute
Dam: Jennifer
85 lbs, blk/tan, 1/2 German Show & 1/2 DDR East German Lines, AKC OFA Hips/Elbows DM A/N DDC

This litter will be 1/2 DDR, 1/4 Czech, 1/4 West German Show.

What is DDR DDR East German Working lines

Please go to testimonials. Lots of photos to see previous puppies.

Expect coloration to be mostly traditional markings blk/red with standard coats.

Temperament estimation of these puppies is to be medium drive mostley, a few my be med/high. Evaluation at 7 weeks will narrow down color. Details of temperament will take place at 7 weeks old, after vet checked and that is also the time when selection takes place.

Teal Girl above

Pink Girl above


We will take another round of photo's in a few weeks with a regular camera. These photos turned out a bit blurry with the cell phone. Next ones will be clearer. Thanks for your patience.

Recent Breeding announcements that have taken place in the past few weeks

Kiwi/Caesar bred mid June (unconfirmed pregnancy)

Zinnia/Hank bred June 28th (unconfirmed pregnancy)


Please research your dog food.

Brands from A to Z rating. A real eye opener click link --->. Dog food reviews

We recommend Victor Dog Food. AMERICAN MADE! 0 recalls, affordable without jeopardizing quality.
Dogs don't get high cholesterol so animal fat is not a problem for dogs. Portion control with good source of meat based protein is the best way to go for all life stages. If your dog is suffering weight get his thyroid checked and feed him kibble with less carbs. Very common issue for altered dogs.
Our Puppies over 8 weeks are fed Victor Hi Pro Plus .
Where to find a store near you to purchase Victor <--click here and enter your zip code


Plans litters below. Later this year.
Both males and females $1,250
Call 308-345-2969 or Email for details


Kiwi (bred)

Zinnia (bred)

Destiny (due to cycle in a month sire probably Hank)

Click Purchase & Contact to know how to proceed if you want to reserve your puppy.

Choice selection is based on when deposit is received. If interested you can get on the 2018 waiting list, scroll down to see


Caesar bred to Kiwi

Hank bred to Zinnia

Pete (hopeful to use him with Ida pending her next cycle)


Please go to testimonials. Lots of photos to see previous puppies.

Spay Neuter to wait at least 1.5 years old requirement. See links provided below

Spay/neuter before 5 ½ months of age is associated with a 70% increased aged-adjusted risk of hip dysplasia .To read the entirety of the information on spay / neuter, click link supplied here. You must wait 1.5 year to alter your pet due to growth plates not completed in the hips until 1.5 years of age. Or Click This UTube Video With Dr. Becker Explaining in detail.

Accepting deposits $250

2018 Waiting List

A list of males and list of females below. Choice of pup will still be based on when a deposit arrives. As each litter is born, we'll start placing Buyers from the top of the list, see below, and work our way down. Depositors can elect to forgo the current litter offered, above, and wait for the next litter(s) or accept a puppy from that litter that is born and available at that time, above. Buyers can forgo a litter(s) and wait for up to one year. Deposits are refundable if we can not supply a puppy of your choice; Example if a request for a short coat blk/tan male from a specific litter that has been announced bred and no males fitting that description is born from it, deposit is refundable within one year.

This way of listing people will guarantee that a Buyer does not get bumped down on the list or miss out if a dam of their choice does not become pregnant after a planned breeding or has all Females and they wanted a Male etc. Each will stay at their spot until they get the pup and sex from the litter they find acceptable for up to one year. After one year the deposit is non-refundable and lost if someone can not commit or communicate with me on a timely fashion.

You can specify what breeding you most desire if you have a certain hopeful litter, but this has no set boundaries as each pup will be offered, in accordance to deposit arrivals, once they are born and we state what is available, people on the waiting list can decline and go to the next litter if they choose. Everyone listed below has sent a deposit or it is in the mail, has been offered an available puppy above, but were not ready at this time for the puppy, or waiting for upcoming litters. We do not add people to the waiting list or make promises to contact people until a deposit has arrived or confirmed it is in the mail (pending deposit).

2018 waiting list

1. Esty / Lyten (unresponsive. status?)
2. Parrott (Kiwi/Caesar)
3. Olson (Kiwi/Caesar)
4. Wilson (sold black or bi color)
5. Thomas (solid black or bi color)
6. Wise (Fall any)
7. Carson (Kiwi/Caesar)
8. Steck (Kiwi/Caesar) deposit pending

1. Wyman (darker female)
2. Lemmer/Hardy

If you see your name on the lists above and you see an error or typo, please contact me to make adjustments.


Planned dogs to add to our program 2018


Willow Von Sehr Gut Wesen, Black/Red. OFA and DM tests pending until she is grown up. DOB 1/15/2017
Dam: Nina
Sire: Hank

Pasko Vom Mittelwest (AKC messed up his kennel name, with typo Wittelwest)

Pictured below at 1.5 yrs old. 100% West German Show, OFA Good hips/elbows & DM Pending.



New Puppy First Day Home and More Help On Potty Training Socializing And Safe Happy Environment <--Click for puppy help training in home




Get all the facts about dog food

See what your paying for and what your dog may be paying the price for or benefiting from. Just a little bit of your time to research will make a difference. Remember your dogs' diet relies solely on what you choose to give it. This is all they get to eat. If you ate the same thing 3 times a day all your life wouldn't you want to know if it was a balanced nutritional diet?

Brands from A to Z rating. A real eye opener. Dog food reviews

Each of us has a budget and each dog different. I recommend to feed your dog the very best type of kibble you can afford. But keep in mind, price of kibbles doesn't necessarily mean better. There are some very high end kibbles that are very good running $80 for 25 lbs if you can afford it. Origen is a top quality kibble and so is Acana that would be very good to feed your dog. Obviously the very best type you can purchase is raw frozen prepared (don't try to make your own unless you are very educated about how to go about it). Don't beat yourself up if you can't afford or have the time for raw diet. Most people can't do raw or dehydrated food, including myself. So that's why its even more important to find the very best dry kibble possible at an affordable price. So far I have not yet to find a brand that compares to Victor Pet Food Company for price and quality. Check out their cat food too and new canned dog food!

Video on dog diet from the best to worst type. How to read label

Currently our puppies are being fed Nutri-Source Chicken and Rice Small/Med breed Puppy and at 7 weeks we start to mix with Victor Hi Pro Plus. We recommend that you purchase a bag of Victor Hi Pro Plus (teal bag) to continue to feed your puppy after purchase. After 1.5 years of age when growth plates are completed in the hips, go to Victor Professional (purple bag). GSD's grow very fast and too fast of growth with too many fillers (rice, corn, potatos, peas, etc) or just simply feeding too much, can cause pano, also known as growing pains, and also is the #1 factor in causing bad joints. One of the dumbest things I've seen some advise is to feed your dog all he wants for 20min and then pick up the bowl. A healthy dog with a good appitite, like our pups have, would eat until they vomited and get diarrhea and be overweight in no time. This is bad bad advise. Don't do it! Each dog is different so take observations weekly on his/her weight. Stomach should not hang lower than rib cage and stomach should not stick out farther than rib cage but rib cage bumps should not be visible. See Chart

For our adults, we use, Victor Select Hi-Pro Plus. (Teal Bag) 5 star rating. On the Victor Pet Food site, click "find a Store" and enter your zip. You will not usually find this brand at large chains. Victor Dog food is getting easier to find and Chewy's now carries this with reasonable price plus auto free shipping to your door. We get ours delivered from Fairbury NE. Other states appear to have it more accessible in stores.

See below for other options for dog food brands that are at large pet food chains if you are unable to purchase Victor.

These have quality key ingredients, whole meats, not animal bi-products (which is junk left over from an animal after meat is cut off and not fit for human consumption), no corn, are chelated (easy digestion), have added probiotics(promote growth of healthy bacteria for intestine/immune digestion health).
Carefully Read here and know ahead of time so you purchase the right bag.

See here why higher protein does not mean necessarily mean higher quality. I seldom look at that %. Look at the ingredients and where the % protein is coming from. Any type of meat Bi-product or corn is always always bad!!!

It is probably safe to say that if you get at least a 4 star rated dog food you will be ok. I found most anything under 4 star rated dog food drops significantly in quality, such as Royal Canin (2.5 star), IAM's(3 star), Eukanuba (3.5 star), begin to get a lot of fillers, questionable controversial ingredients and main meat source bi-products, have added corn, most often not chelated, and no healthy probiotics.

Remember 2007 when so many dogs died from a recall on dog food and most people did not know until it was too late. To get email alert find out ASAP if your dog food is on recall.


German Shepherd Dog % of innocents of of Hip Dysplasia and Elbow Dysplasia Also see all breeds and compare.


Information on Coat length

The whole package must be wrapped up in a coat which is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging over a 150 degree variance. Animals working in the tropics must tolerate temperatures of well over 100 degrees, while those in the Canadian north may face temperatures of minus 40, so cold that exposed skin can freeze almost instantly. Obviously then, the amount of undercoat a dog carries will depend entirely on the climate he lives in, and should be judged accordingly. A very short or mole coat may be less attractive, but it could cope with extreme heat better (Fig 12). Normal coated dogs who possess the recessive long coat gene seem to show a little extra plushness and density (Fig 13). True long coats, which are no longer acceptable under the standard, can vary from an apparently normal coat with a bit of fringing at the ears and behind the legs, to a coat that a show collie would envy (Fig 14). The latter can be a chore to groom, and is not really practical, but it is weatherproof. I've never seen a coat which had no undercoat at all, but I've noticed that in very long coats, the long, soft undercoat mingles with the long, soft guard hairs so that they can be very hard to tell apart. The coat should be flat, not kinky or curled, but this is probably more esthetic that strictly practical. There are any number of hardy, cold weather breeds with curly and broken coats that have braved icy waters and winds for generations. While no one would want to see a kinky coated shepherd, a little wavy hair over the back or croup is not uncommon and is of no practical consequence whatever. -- Linda Shaw MBA

GSD Breed Types:

Are you curious as to the different colors that are produced in German Shepherds and what it may signify in temperaments? Answers below are my general observation based on extensive research and ownership of the different "types".Answer: There are two major types of German Shepherds, Working and Show . There are always exception to the the norm, but below is common for their "type".

Typical Working: DDR & Czech. Sable, solid black, bi-color and/or darker features. Czech have higher drive and agility. Performance is key and tend to not be quite as big. DDR's are noted for size, have blockier stout bodies and/or heads with not quite as much drive as their counter part Czech. Pros=Workable. Cons=non-typical colors and may be too much energy for an inactive family that does not want a dog with a high drive. These types likely will become destructive if lots of mental and physical activities do not take place.

German Show: black and red. Usually have substantial drive but usually wont excel in agility as well as working lines. They tend to have good size structure and excellent rich colors. Caution to check pedigree for too much in-breeding (line-breeding). Pros=Color and appearances. Cons=Top line back (roached).

American Show: black and tan/cream. American show snubs all Working GS dogs in their show ring and most German Show lines. They prioritizes body length, angulation, and their custom bred flying trot. American show lines usually have a lower drive and are better suited for less active people or show fanciers. Pros=AKC Shows only. Cons=Limited abilities, unstable frame with loose knocked back knees and typically lack nerves and I have personally observed a high incident of skin allergies.

What we do at Sehr Gut Wesen: Outcrossing. This is a cross between German Working and German Show lines. Our goal is to promote diversity and bring together positive attributes of both types. We do not have any American lines. GS dogs have more to offer than running them in circles in a ring and posing them for an exaggerated sloping backs with crumpled hind legs. Outcrossing will produce straight back frames. The end result is more of an old fashion, early type looking GSD. We avoid line-breeding.

NuVet Supplements

Help Heal and Protect your Pet – for life!

 NuVet Plus heals and protects against the ravages of free radicals that attack your pet throughout its life.

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An "oversized" or "giant" German Shepherd can look quite impressive but.....GSD Dogs in general were intended to be MEDIUM-sized, athletic, and agile. Small dogs have their share of miss proportioned health issues due to humans wanting something out of the ordinary. But there is also plenty of research to show that the same goes for the larger than normal breeds for their intended frame. The larger the dog the higher the incidents of joint problems, torsion/bloat problems, OCD problems, and heart problems. A GSD was never designed to handle 120+ pounds. In fact the founder's original breeding stock was much smaller 55-65 lbs, than the average GSD you'll see today.

Normal Size German Shepherd is good!

We Are Licenced by the State of Nebraska:

Note: Just because a dog is AKC or APR registered does not mean it has good hips or health or even comes from a reputable breeder. It just simply means the dog had a piece of paper signed and mailed into AKC or APR. It is the Breeder's responsibility to select healthy dogs and provide healthy environments. It is the Buyers responsibility to purchase from Breeders who screen their dogs for genetic disorders, maintain healthy environments, and supply a health guarantee. Any Breeder who has 3 or more breeding female dogs is required to be licensed. Unfortunately in the USA, x-raying hips and elbows is not required and only an option for the Breeder. We have taken the extra effort to to have our breeding dogs' hips and elbows x-rayed and HD-Fair or (A3) or better. Selected dogs are DM tested via OFA prior to breeding them to insure that none of the offspring will be at risk for DM. All documentation is on hand.

Never buy from a pet shop or someone who won't let you see the parent dogs or puppy prior to purchase. Take caution to puppies registered other than AKC. Other registries have less regulations than AKC.

We are and have been licensed and inspect for years by The State of Nebraska. We have also been inspected by AKC. What do these Inspector inspect? Proper housing, bedding, pen size and cleanliness, health of dogs, permanent identification via tattoo or microchip, AKC transfers, up-to-date vet records, food storage, pest control, and order and accuracy of paperwork on each dog and every puppy produced. Surprise inspection are the norm. This keeps the Breeder accountable year-round.