Previous puppies from

Sehr Gut Wesen German Shepherds. See Testimonials for more photos.

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Axel Male from Jada and Ugo

Nina.Tribute Male Pup

Male out of Hugo and Quella Gus out of Hugo and Jennifer

Nina Tribute Boy

Heidi Ugo Female Gracie

Deisel Pusher Z, Ugo Rosebud Maleprevious pups from Nina Tribute

Jerry Lee out of Pepin and Ugo River from Heidi and Ugo Tres, Heidi/Ugo maleJerry Lee out of Pepin and UgoHeidi/Ugo male, Simcha

Pepin Ugo Female, BonniePepin Ugo male; TeneckPepin Ugo adult male meeting Rosebud Ugo male puppy 8 weeksRosebud Ugo femaleEbony out of Rosebud and Ugo

Axel, Heidi Ugo male 5mo oldBodi Quella Hugo Male

Deisel, Rosebud/Ugo maleFlora Ugo Female, Morgan

Judy Flora and Ugo pups; Reagan and Maggie

2 dogs above; Left, Reagan male from Judy/Ugo. Right, Maggie female from Flora/Ugo.

Flora Judy and Ugo pups; Maggie and Reagan

Judy/Ugo Female; Freeman Judy Ugo Male

Rosebud Ugo pup; TorriHeidi Ugo; Cooper Heidi Ugo longcoat male, VitoHeidi/Ugo; Cooper 7mo oldFlora Ugo Female 3yrs old

Yeva, Flora and Ugo FemalePepin Ugo male, Storme Pepin Ugo; StormePepin Ugo pup; BronsonPepin Ugo female pupFlora Bronson pup Flora Bronson pupRosebud Ugo Male 10wks old; ClydeFlora Ugo MalePepin Ugo maleTrina Bear pupsHeidi Bear pupPepin Ugo; AxelFlora Ugo pup; BronsonFlora Ugo male pup 4mo old Flora Ugo pup; BronsonRosebud Ugo female pupPepin Ugo; Storme Jada Hugo. Luther 5mo Male

Flora Ugo pup; Morgan Flora Ugo pup; MorganFlora Ugo pup; Morgan Flora Ugo pup; Morgan
Flora Bronson pupFlora Bronson pup
Pepin UgoPepin Ugo pup
Flora Bronson pupBridget Bear pup
Bridget Bearpup
Rosebud Ugo pups females
Flora Bronson pupTrina Bear pupsBridget Bear pup

Rosebud Ugo solid black pupHeidi Bear pupHeidi Ugo Longcoat male

Heidi Bear pupBridget Bronson pup

Pepin Ugo malePepin Ugo Male

Flora Bronson pupFlora Ugo pup

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