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NDA License # NE03151055

P.O. Box 502 , McCook , NE 69001

Phone (308) 345-2969

email: web:

This agreement is between (Seller): Andrea McCormick AND

Buyers: ___________________________________ Address: __________________________________________

Telephone: _________________________________ __________________________________________

Email: ________________________________

PUPPY NAME: Von Sehr Gut Wesen

BREED: German Shepherd Dog AKC #:





TOTAL PRICE: $__________ TYPE OF REGISTRATION: Limited and Sold as Pet Companion



a) As of the date of this agreement, the dog is in satisfactory health and properly wormed.

b) The buyer will personally inspect the dog, and dog must be examined by a licensed veterinarian including fecal samples within 72 hours from the receipt of the dog excluding Sundays. Any claims must be made within this time period and will be verified by Seller’s own veterinarian.

c) Buyer may return dog (IN GOOD CONDITION) to Seller for a full refund for any reason within 72 hours of purchase, providing Buyer agrees to pay all transportation costs and return AKC ownership papers to Seller.

d) Dog is guaranteed against genetic DISABLEING diseases detected within 27 months of age. Kennel must be notified immediately and provided with all complete licensed veterinarians’ reports. Kennel may require buyer to obtain a second opinion from different vet clinic.

e) Dog must carry Sehr Gut Wesen kennel name.

f) If Kennel is notified that the Buyer wishes to release dog to a shelter or have the dog euthanized, the Seller has primary rights to take possession of the dog. In other words, do not eliminate the dog without giving the Seller ownership and an opportunity to re-home the dog.

g) Seller is not responsible for any actions the dog may take once Buyer takes possession of the dog.




If dog receives OFA certified rating of moderate or severe HD or ED at 24-27mo, an option of a replace pup will be given of equal value. If both Parties agree that Buyer should keep the original dog found with moderate or sever HD or ED and also receive a replacement puppy, a spay/neuter is required and AKC papers must be returned to kennel with the correct transfer signatures on the original dog. CASH REFUNDS ONLY GIVEN AT BREEDERS DISCRETION in unique circumstances. Minor faults (umbilical hernia, ear not erect, un-descended testicle) not included in guarantee.


1. Puppy has been fed Nutri Source Chicken & Rice, All Life Stages Large Breed kibble. GSD puppies grow very fast and should not be fed dog food with corn or grain as a main ingredient. Protein content should come from whole meats, not bi-product meat. Meat meal should be listed 1 st on the ingredients. 4+ star rated dog food recommended.

2. Due to the reports of Modified Live Vaccine damaging the immune system, subsequently causing autoimmune disorders, vaccine schedules have been altered in our kennel and recommend to have puppies series shot(s) completed and following adult vaccinations to be given no sooner apart than 3 yrs.

3. Titer tests recommended at 3 years of age. Do not just blindly give more shots because the calendar (Vet) says so. Studies made by leading vaccine companies show core shots are good for 5 years min. and in most cases 7 years to life.

3. Core SHOT RECOMMENDATION SCHEDULE 2012 AAHA Veterinarian Practice Guidelines: Distemper(CDV-2) & Hepatitis(CAV-2) & Pavo(CPV-2). To be given 8, 12, & 16 weeks of age. See back of this form for details and other options on shots schedules.

4. We recommend and personally give NuVet supplements to our dogs and it is an amazing product. Less shedding, shinny coat, better health, especially the 1 st year during shots that drop immunity and growth. Order Toll-Free: 1-800-474-7044 Use Order Code: 56512


This Contract applies to the original puppy only and not transferable to a second party.

All veterinary costs and shipping costs are the Buyer’s responsibility.

Signed contract must be received by kennel within 30 days of receipt of dog or it will be considered invalid.


Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract fully, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of NEBRASKA , in the County of RED WILLOW . It is agreed the place of venue shall be in MCCOOK NEBRASKA .

Seller Signature #1 DATE:

Buyer Signature #1 DATE: