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We can be reached by calling:
Phone: Cell: 308-345-2969 but an email is best for record keeping purposes. So if you do call or text me. Please start out with your name so I know who I'm texting/talking to.

Address: PO Box 502
.............. McCook, NE 69001

Name: Andrea McCormick

Bridget and Bull-Der with Grandkids

Puppies are socialized and health check-ups around 6-7 weeks of age.
Above is our vet, Dr. Wayne Watkins. (308) 345-4143 - 38293 US Highway 6, McCook, NE, 69001


We have kept our number of dogs minimal to create a warm family atmosphere for our dogs and puppies. All of our puppies and dogs are socialized regularly and will be sold with a clean bill of health from our Vet.

We do not sale outside the USA, to puppy shops, or to brokers. We do not sale to breeders that we do not have a rapport with. Puppies are sold limited.

Our puppies are born and stay indoors until they are weaned around 4-5 weeks of age. They are then transferred to the the outdoors in their own run with heated indoor sleeping area and radio. They are exposed to all sorts of noises outside such as lawnmowers, other animals, wind in the trees, cars pulling in and out, etc. which are important experiences needed for adjusting in their new home.

Please check out our testimonials page. You will see that our puppies/dogs are good natured and are good with families and children.

PURCHASE PROCEDURES:Puppies go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age (State Law). Puppies at 8 weeks of age will have been wormed 2,4,6,8wks, 1st electoral shots and vet checked for overall health. You will receive receipt/contract of payment for your records, and AKC registration papers(when payment is made in full). There is a two-year written guarantee to cover genetic disabling diseases detected within 2 years of age. Occasionally AKC papers are delayed. We will mail those to the Buyer(s) when we get them. Contract states that the Sehr Gut Wesen German Shepherds will follow through.

VACCINAIONS: 1st vaccinations parvo/distemper combo will be given FREE at around 7-8 weeks of age, Buyer must keep puppy isolated from exposure to parvo(puppy shops, parks, shelters, boarding, vets grounds and anywhere other dogs/puppies have been until full immunity is gained through a later vaccination schedule). Parvo can be carried on shoes so avoid these areas even if you do not have your puppy with you. If you dare to go to any of these area's step in a 1/30 bleach solution for the bottom of your shoes thoroughly prior to getting in your car or returning home, at least, when you get home at the door. Puppies are wormed bi-weekly with Safeguard(Panicur). Buyer is expected to continue regular worming every 2-3 weeks and administer Heart worm pills such as Heartguard+ is needed. Some areas there are little mosquitoes or cases of heartworms so please find your area and degree of risk. I you feel heartworm medication is necessary give only during the summer months. Find your area and timing of needed heartworm medication. Also if there are no fleas then don't put flea treatment on the dog, and if so find safe flea treatments. Why add more pyrethroids to your dog if it is not necessary. Remember when it comes to parasite treatment, and shots less is usually better unless you are in a high risk area. Buyer is expected to read and educate themselves for the best shot routine for their puppy. You will need to continue 4-5 week interval puppy booster shots until puppy booster shot schedule is reached. Buyer is encouraged to only do 3-5 year minimum booster shots thereafter or better yet a titer test (not every year) as this is out-dated thinking and detrimental to your dogs health). Titer tests are the best route to take for determining when/if shots should be given. Huge studies are finding that dogs' immune systems are at great risk by doing unnecessary yearly shots and shots that are lasting up to 9 years to life. Giving a dog more shots does not make them more immune, it actually breaks the immune system with an over-load. Please read about this.


PRICE: Current price is $1,500.

SELECTION PROCESS: You must come pick your puppy up at our kennel. We understand some distances are too far and we appolgize. Do to airline headache rules and restrictions we are not shipping via air. We may be able to have a courier deliver for you via auto at your expense, please call for details on this option.

We will post a newborn group baby picture on website or email or text them directly to you, then individual photos at 6-7 weeks of age will also be available on our website or sent to your email at choosing/selection time which takes place at around 6-7 weeks . These will be clear, good, photos of each puppy. Buyers may make selection via these photos emailed/text to you and/or are welcome to come visit to look at puppies and choose according to their choice spot, in advance too at 6-7 weeks. Keep in mind in selections are made according to the date we received deposits. We allow buyers to make their selection of pup after pups have a clean bill of health from our Vet at around 6-7 weeks of age. Pups are checked at our Vet for good hearts, good teeth/bite placement, eyes, hernias, temperature, weight and testicle on males. Puppies act differently from one day to the next. Personality, color, size, and other details are difficult to choose from just a photo. I highly recommend that you tell me what type of puppy you are wanting, what type of work you expect from it or if you just want a house dog. I will guide you to the best suited puppy for your needs. I observe them every day and know each puppies personality. I want each puppy to go to the best suited family.

If you want a temperament tests done to help you decide, you can print one of your choosing before you come and perform the tests yourself on your choice of puppies. No jumping off anything allowed, if it is listed in the test. At this age and many weeks later, just jumping off a couch/bed/chair or out of a car could greatly compromise the elbows during the fall or landing. If you intend to have your dog ride in the back of a pickup or flatbed please don't bother to purchase from me. This is unsafe, and detrimental to the puppy/dog's joints, especially the 1st year of development of joints/bones. No leaving by a swimming pool to drown (has happened), left unleashed with traffic going by or pulling into driveway (has happened and puppies have died from this), or run through your house unattended to choke on something, chew electrical cords or swallow lawn treatment or antifreeze in the garage (has happened). The mind capacity of a puppy is like a 2-5 year old, they don't know any better.

Sehr Gut Wesen German Shepherd reserves the right to pick of litter.

We are now able to take payments through paypal, but we typically accept cashier's checks by mail, as long as it is mailed 2 weeks in advance of pick up date. Once you have determined that you want a puppy from us, we ask for a down payment of $250 check or cashier's check or PayPal.. You will then be put on the choice list according to the order we receive down payments. No personal checks to be sent under two weeks prior of pick-up. We need at least 2 weeks for the check to clear. Deposits are refundable we do not have a puppy available to you of sex of pup and from the litter choice you made your deposit on. After your selected puppy is born deposits are not refundable, but can be put on a future litter of your choice, but this needs to take place within 1 year of deposit.

We will accept deposits prior to birth of pups but need to limit the number people requesting the same color and sex. We usually accept 2-3 males and 2-3 female deposits in advance from each litter.

First deposit will choose 1st from their predetermined sex (male/female) and color desired (blk/tan or black). After deposit is made and the puppies are born, the buyer is locked in his/her choice of color, sex, and litter choice. Prior to birth the Buyer has the option to move to another litter if there is still an opening left in alternative litter. Because we held that spot for the buyer until the puppies are born, deposits are non-refundable at that point. If the desired litter does not produce the deposited sex or color desired (blk/tan vs. solid black), buyer has the option to have deposit refunded to him/her or can choose to carry it to another litter. However, when carrying to another litter he/she, will fall behind any others that have already made a deposit on alternative litter.

COLOR CHOICE: Choosing black/tan can be black/red, and can consist of anything from just the lower legs developing to tan like Caesar, or significant fading which consists of only a black saddle and muzzle like Hugo. I do not guarantee a specific fading or hue. Coat lengths are set apart by long coat vs. plush or short coat. Short to plush coat is categorized together. Getting selection early will increase your chances of getting more of what you want for color and coat. Please read this article on coat colors.

PICK-UP DAY: For picking up puppy, we schedule individual time at our kennel for each Buyer to look the puppy over, about an hour. Most often we have several people wanting their puppy on the same day. So it is important to schedule a time slot. There is a $10 a day boarding fee for individuals who delay picking up their puppy when they are scheduled to be picked up, starting the day after the weekend that puppies turn 8 weeks old. Because this is a live animal and time is a concern, if Buyer decides they can not get puppy for an extended period of time (about 2 weeks), we reserve the right to decline boarding, and move the deposit to another litter so the another Buyer has an opportunity to get the puppy.

MAKE DEPOSIT CHECK: to Andrea McCormick or Sehr Gut Wesen. Upon puppy and papers in your hand or written condition on the Contract that we will mail the AKC papers(if there is a delay), we require cash in full for the remaining amount due on the day of pick-up . We require this vs. checks so that all papers, puppy and exchanges are done and completed on the spot with no pending money issues after the sale. You will receive a receipt/sales contract for this transaction.

I get a lot of emails that can get buried and/or lost. A written copy mailed with deposit permanently stays with my file for each litter/puppy. So please.......! when you mail your deposit check. Please include on a sheet of paper your: first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and email. If you do not send this information to me, it will make it difficult for me to be able to contact you for updates, sending puppy photos via emails, calling for meeting time to get your puppy. Also, include with your contact information: what breeding litter or dog of preference, if you want a male or female puppy, black\tan or solid black. Please do not just say, "I want a puppy". I need to know where to place you on what litter and what sex color etc . Please send all of the above information with your deposit check to Andrea McCormick, PO Box 502, McCook, NE 69001.